March 19th, 2012

When was the last time you saw a wine thermometer? Have you ever seen one? A wine thermometer can be beneficial to you in many ways, but do you truly need one?

Wine thermometers are small devices that can be strapped directly to a wine bottle. The thermometer then provides you with a readout (often on a digital face) of the temperature of the wine. A wine thermometer can be extremely useful if you aren???t sure just how cold or warm your wine is when it???s either on your counter or in your refrigerator. This is especially true for when it is in the refrigerator. Oftentimes refrigerators are colder than necessary for a bottle of wine. True, this may not matter much if you drink the wine right away and it doesn???t spend much time in the refrigerator, but if that???s not true, you may be keeping your wine cooler than necessary and taking away some of the greatness of the wine.

With a wine thermometer, you can keep a closer eye on your wine. Today some refrigerators also allow you to control the temperatures of different areas, which can give you some ability to keep your wines at the proper temperature. You can also use the thermometer to make sure that your wine cellar is at the right temperature.

Drink wines right away and don???t often keep any on hand? You can probably do without this little gadget. Otherwise, you might find it more useful than you thought.


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