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Choosing a Wine Decanter

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Decanters can help to improve the flavor of a wine by giving it a chance to blend with the air as well as give stems, seeds, and various pulp sediments a chance to settle so you don???t end up with any of it in your mouth. Most wines today don???t need much in the ways of decanting, but a wine decanter can also add a little something extra to your table by neatly matching with your stemware and adding a sense of occasion.

There are many different styles of decanters for you to choose from. Consider what you want in a decanter before making any sudden decisions. For example, decanters that are painted, etched, or cut in a way that prevents you from seeing the wine clearly may not be what you want. If you want to be able to see your wine and enjoy its rich hue, then you will want a clear glass decanter.

A wide-neck decanter will allow more air inside and aerate the wine more quickly than a thin-neck decanter. Sometimes it will depend on the wine as to how much aeration should be used ??? such as older wines that don???t need much exposure to oxygen. You should also hold the decanter you are considering in your hands to make sure it feels right. Remember ??? no matter what wine decanter you buy, never fill it to the brim!

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