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Off the Vine: Chenin Blanc

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The Chenin Blanc variety is a surprisingly versatile little grape. While many grapes tend to favor a particular climate or region, people have managed to grow the Chenin Blanc grape in many different areas. You can find Chenin Blanc growing in the Loire Valley of France, in California of the United States, and even in South Africa.

But the variety of the Chenin Blanc doesn’t stop there. Growers have found out that this grape can make wines that range in style. They can be anywhere from rather dry to very sweet. Naturally, the winemaker has the final say in the process. Chenin Blanc wines are white that have a very high acidity. It is this acidity that gives them the ability to age very well. Hold a glass of wine made with Chenin Blanc and you’re bound to notice the fragrant scent.

You don’t have to worry about spending a lot for a bottle featuring Chenin Blanc because it is such a high volume producer. In other areas, it is known by different names. Visit South Africa and it is called Steen. Other places, you’ll hear it called Pineau de la Loire. But whatever name it goes by, it’s always a fine grape.